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About Hair, I Go! Studio

Hair is and has been an essential part in complementing beauty, assisting in revealing self-awareness. The person with this privilege, to compliment, sees this as talent of unyielding passion. At least that is how I, Myiesha Douglas, owner and stylist at Hair I Go Studio, accepts and sees this.

The Studio is not a salon that just provides hair services, but a place to educate, appreciate and one that classifies beautiful people into their own selves. Designing and high lightening individual characteristics, hairstyling means more than just simply wearing a style. It is a presentation of you, making a statement without stating.

Beauty is confidence and a process. Beautiful people don’t know their beauty, nor do they own it. Until it’s uprooted, developed, translucent and then shared.  The eye of the hair designer beholds a gift and presents it to each individual client, with honors.

This relationship is one of importance; it is time consuming and challenging, but satisfying. No one simply wakes up beautiful, they become beautiful.

By determination, talent and work, a development from both parties, the hairstylist and their client, they both conceive an art and attitude, a union of Beauty to become the receivers pride and power, hair is Beauty, discover yours.
Hair I Go Studiois Better Hair!

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