Pricing Table

Hair, I Go! Studio's service list, policies for scheduling and cancellation and payment options


Service Price
Water Only
Organic wash and thermal styling $ 55
Custom Hair cut $ 45
Tailored trims $ 25
Organic cleanse /protein reconstruct $ 30
Lemon Scalp Mask (great for dandruff) $ 25
Tea Tree wash/ Condition $ 15
Butter buff moisturizing $ 20
Coloring / chemicals
Virgin Relaxed $ 95
Touch up relaxer $ 80
Virgin lighter color $ 95
Touch up lighter $ 80
Demi color           virgin $ 75
Demi                   touch up $ 65
Hair Extensions
Full sewn weave $250
Weave tracks      french flared $ 45
Braided              single $ 35
Braided              doubled $ 40
Partial weave $150


Scheduling  and Cancellation Policy

We operate by appointment only. In order to better service our clients, each appointment, depending on their service request, are made in a minimum of hour and half increments. Each client is given a 10-15 minute grace period. Arriving 30 minutes after your schedule appointment will be considered a no show and be asked to reschedule for another available time or day.  As part of our customer service policy, high consideration is given to every client’s schedule.  As we do understand time and occurences happen without  prior knowledge, however, communication is  highly insisted making necessary adjustments in deciding on the resolve in this matter, as it inconveniences others involved, and notifications will assist in factoring the time allowed for everyone to be serviced.

Also, as in providing a better promise that we at Hair, I Go! Studio, understand the value in all who visit our establishment. If by any chance we  have delayed in not properly notifying the client of delay in at least thirty minutes prior to their scheduled appointment a deduction will made to the total of the cost to satisfy the client that is inconvienced.*


Payments accepted


Visa /MasterCard


No postdated, I.O.U’s or price negotiations

*deducted amounts may vary, consulted with client involved
**checks from new clients are not recommended.
Return check or nsf card transaction are charged $35


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