Myiesha Douglas

Owner, Professional Hairstylist
Myiesha is the owner and creator of Hair I Go Studio.  She specializes in healthy hair habits.  Her passion includes assisting others in achieving good habits for themselves.

Hair is Myi’esha


Tiffany Telles

Social Media and Project Manager
Born and raised in the Bay Area, Tiffany Telles has the honor of being Myiesha’s very first client! Tiffany is currently the Social Media and Project Manager of Hair I Go Studio. As the Social Media Manager, Tiffany gives insight to the world of Hair I Go and is the person sharing images and Myiesha’s knowledge of all things hair through various media outlets like Facebook and Instagram.

In her spare time Tiffany enjoys blogging, spending time with her family and traveling toany place that has a warm beach.

Khadija Caloush


Trained in the art of analog photography by some of the best “patrimone” french photographers such as Martial Couderette, her journeys through the world of images has pushed Khadija to acquire a mastery of the digital realm as well. From fun filled family photography to graduations, or even action sports photography her tastes are as eclectic as her joyful approach to making images. You will always be amazed by the freshness of her eye.  Find yourself in your best light when exposed to her lens. Trust her vision, and enjoy yourself being in the picture as much as she does taking them.

Rochelle Lakey

Web Admin, Professional Hairstylist
Rochelle is the web admin for Hair I Go.   She is a software engineer, licensed cosmetologist and client of Hair I Go Studio.